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Vestas Offshore A/S – So much more than traditional wind power


Operating as a wholly owned subsidiary under the auspices of the Vestas Group, Vestas Offshore focuses exclusively on planning, constructing and operating wind farms at sea. The motivation for Vestas to create an independent business unit for this area was that working with offshore installations involves much more than simply transferring expertise from onshore sites to the sea. The field of offshore wind power demands very special competences in all areas of the process – competences that form the very foundations of Vestas Offshore.


The reason we are so far advanced in this area is that we take our offshore work seriously and work seriously offshore. In fact, Vestas has installed more than two thirds of all the offshore wind turbines currently operating worldwide. Vestas Offshore is quite simply second to none when it comes to experience in operating in the tough conditions of the open sea. Vestas Offshore is truly global, and our organisation ensures that we always cover every aspect of every single project, in line with the specific requirements of each and every customer. In fact, the organisation has been developed to create a very strong company that is fully equipped and ready to work with the specific conditions and the special base of experience that are crucial to the successful completion of offshore projects.


Vestas Offshore is synonymous with professionalism, overview and the capacity to take a holistic approach to projects from the initial idea to the completed wind farm, dealing with the whims of Mother Nature and all the other special challenges that apply to offshore projects. Vestas Offshore is a prime example of strength and flexibility combined. It is an independent company in the Vestas Group, a company distinguished by highly specialised competences combined with peerless experience in the field of offshore wind power.

From the first-ever offshore turbine to the largest offshore wind farm in the world – Vestas has helped to write the book of offshore wind power. Since we erected the first-ever offshore turbine off the coast of Sweden, in 1990, we have installed more than 700 MW of capacity in offshore projects in Europe, including the largest offshore wind farm in the world to date (Horns Reef, DK) and five other turnkey wind farms: North Hoyle, Scroby Sands, Kentish Flats, Barrow (UK) and Egmond aan Zee (NL).






















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vestas offshore Anders Soe Jensen
  • Started in 1979
  • 15.000 employees
  • 35.000 windturbines installed
  • 23% market share
  • Market value 12,816 MEUR
  • One new turbine installed every 5 hours


Danish Headquarters:

Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Alsvej 21

8900 Randers


+45 97 30 00 00



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Our experience stretches back to the days of the offshore wind pioneers. And we work to expand this experience day by day by day through our work on new offshore projects. So even though every single project is unique, Vestas Offshore always has the staff and the know-how to deal with any offshore challenges involved.








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www.ambparis.um.dk , annbou@um.dk


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