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DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in the Nordic region. Our headquarter is in Denmark. Our business is based on procuring, producing, distributing, trading and selling energy and related products in Northern Europe. We employ approx. 4,500 people and generate DKK 36 billion in revenue.

Reduction of CO2:

Renewable energy is key to reducing CO2 emissions. We are therefore working to expand energy supplies based on renewable energy sources – such as water, wind, sun, biomass and geothermal energy.


DONG Energy has strong capabilities in wind energy
DONG Energy has developed strong wind energy capabilities. We have been an active player since the very beginning and we have helped establish half of the world’s ten largest offshore wind farms. We intend to maintain this leading position. Today, DONG Energy has around 500 MW wind capacity and we have more than 1,000 MW in the pipeline, especially in Britain, Germany, and Poland.

In Denmark, DONG Energy’s “home” market, the proportion of wind energy is among the greatest of any country in the world. We are proud to have contributed to this success.


wind turbines dongWind energy challenges
When the wind is strong and the turbines generate more energy than the local market can buy, we need to be able to export energy to other locations. Exporting wind energy requires cables through which local markets can connect to become one big market. Today, the markets are not efficiently connected. Therefore, having more cables – e.g. between Denmark and the Netherlands – is an important step in expanding the wind energy sector. The installation of such a cable would enable us to utilise wind energy more efficiently.


Cars running on wind energy
Achieving the ability to store wind energy would be a significant step. One obvious opportunity would be to develop plug-in hybrid cars that could be charged during the night and drive on a mixture of petrol, bioethanol, and electric power. Another would be to convert the energy to district heating.


Wind interacting with power plants
There is no way to avoid having a large, flexible capacity at the power plants that can take over when there is no wind blowing. In this respect, thermal power plants are ideal in combination with hydroelectric power whenever possible.


Renewable energy is more than just wind
DONG Energy generates power and heat based

on water in Norway and Sweden,

which have good hydropower resources.

We replace some of the fossil fuels with

biomass in the power plants and

generate small amounts of energy

from geothermal sources and solar cells.















Presentation by  Kim Ernst Dong Energy
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DONG ENERGY  RENEWABLES - The Danish offshore experience – cars driving on wind energy - and why the french system is not supportive foroffshore windenergy

Kim ERNST, Vice President- DONG Renewable Energy


Powerpoint presentation 




Offshore wind development:

DONG Energy owns wind turbines in northern Europe and has more than 30 years of experience in the wind power industry. DONG Energy is among the world elite when it comes to constructing and operating offshore wind farms. In 2006 renewable energy accounts for approximately 15% of DONG Energy’s total capacity.

Some of the biggest offshore wind farms world wide are on stream in Denmark with a strong DONG Energy involvement in impact assessment activities, construction, operation and major investment.

DONG Energy is also one of the leading offshore wind developers in the UK. Construction at Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm, a fully owned DONG Energy project, commenced early in April 2006 and first power was generated in July 2007. In addition DONG Energy has part ownership of Barrow Offshore Wind Farm, which became fully operational in early 2007, and we are developing Gunfleet Sands, London Array, Walney, West of Duddon Sands, Cirrus Array, Scarweather Sands and Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farms.

SeaScape Energy Ltd is owned by DONG Energy A/S. It was established at the beginning of 2001 through a partnership between three leading wind energy developers. In 2005 Elsam Kraft (now DONG Energy) acquired full ownership of the company.





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