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The obvious supplier choice
Barker Jørgensen manufactures a wide range of fans to be delivered for customers in the maritime, food- and chemical industries to customers in the energy- and environmental sectors just to mention some.

With the core values: flexibility, stability, and zero fault tolerance, our highly skilled employees manufacture fan solutions according to customer specifications, and our fans are known to meet expectations of superior technical -and mechanical quality. In addition, Barker Jørgensen always strives to meet the highest environmental standards within the industry. Our customer portfolio includes Aalborg Industries, Rockwool, FLSmidth and an ever increasing number of international customers. Our employees have extensive experience and expert knowledge from Barker Jørgensen’s
many years of being in the fan industry. Barker Jørgensen’s focus on high delivery performance is rewarded with the Aalborg Industries Supplier’s Award.


Perfected to your specific project

Barker Jørgensen CUSTOM FIT are fans designed and manufactured for a specific project, creating the absolute optimal solution under the given conditions. Whether the project demands for minimal power consumption, physical limitations, or minimal noise, our unique design system enables us to create custom made fans that meet your exact working point..


Denmark and China
The Barker Jørgensen headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and as the world continues to experience economic growth in the East, Barker Jørgensen has established a factory and business entity in Ningbo, China, to support its Asian customers as well.
























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