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TWIN HEAT A/S - Market leader of dry biomass boilers

Proven Technology

With more than 35 years in the market and thousands of installations across Europe – Twin Heat is
an experienced market leader of biomass boilers – designed and produced in Denmark.

Broad market scope

With a product range from compact semiautomated boilers to mid-sized fully automated systems Twin Heat targets a wide group of customers – from private households to agriculture industry and SME business sector.    The boilers range from 12-250 Kwh.

Universal and flexible

Twin Heat boilers are very flexible towards handling almost any kind of dry Bio Fuels  - end user can do “best buy” energy shopping. (Wood pellets, cereal grain, wood shavings etc)

Ease of use

Twin Heat supports user requirements of “low involvement” heating :   Our products are computer controlled with set programs depending on the chosen fuel. 
Twin Heat boilers are easy to install and requires very low service.

“Best in class” efficiency

With EU approved efficiency of 90 % combined with a strong market for CO2 limited renewable energy Twin Heat is aiming for growth.

Twin Heat – an international company

Twin Heat distributors in Sweden, Germany, UK, Ireland & Canada have proven the international potential of the Twin Heat boilers, and the company is ready to enter the French market. 


Please visit WWW.TWINHEAT.FR  for more info

























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Noerrevangen 7
9631 Gedsted

Tel :  +45  98 64 52 22
Fax:   +45 98 64 52 44
E-mail : kontakt@twinheat.dk
Web :  www.twinheat.dk


















The Trade Counsel

77, Avenue Marceau

75116 Paris


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