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BROEN A/S is a world leading manufacturer of ball valves for district heating & cooling. We have more than 25 years of experience in developing and producing high quality ball valves special designed for the energy sector. Our valves are fully welded and this secures you a 100% reliable solution whether you use it below the ground or not. We have invested
in cutting edge technology in our factories in Denmark, Poland and Russia in order to secure at high quality and a long lifetime for our products.


We are approx. 850 employees and work with 5 business areas – all based on valve technology.




Valves as an important part of your system
A modern district heating valve is designed to last for many years without any maintenance or problems. As you know the cost of changing a valve which is installed underground in a prepipe system is a very expensive matter. Our product range is divided into two segments: standard valves and valves for pre insulation. Our standard range is for installation beyond the ground in heating applications, whereas the range for

pre insulation is for underground pipelines, where the demands are high and the lifetime is essential.


BROEN works together with the world largest pre insulation pipe manufacturers and you can read more about us on our website.



















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